Thanks for the Great Reviews!

      I got four used tires from them due to a limited budget at that time. The owner there is really nice and did offer me a discount after knowing I was a student. And they do have a organized and large stock of used tires. They told me there will be a 1-month warranty. However, one of the tires broke (yeah, broke) after about 10 days. I brought my car there, first they tried to charge me for the balancing and patching (they found a nail) until they realize the tire broke. They agreed to replace that tire for free for me, but with a different size..... then I got two different sizes for my front tires.....
    besides, they broke my TMPS sensor and the good thing is they paid the half price $30 for replacing that (they should pay the full, right?)
    So, the owner is nice, but you really  have to think about whether you really want those used tires before you go.

    thumb Kevin Z.

      They patched my tire in 15 minutes, no waiting! Great value, friendly service and FAST. Thank you!

    thumb Rebecca B.

      I had an absolutely gigantic bolt stuck in one of my tires this morning. I was directed to Jacks by my trusted auto body shop in town (C&S). I stopped by with no appointment around 11AM, told them what was wrong, and parked the car where they said to park it. I was in and out in 20 minutes.

    These guys are fast, efficient, and do quality work. I got to chatting with two of the guys about my hometown on the east coast and they were so nice. I asked how long the patch was guaranteed for because I'm about to take the car on a 1,500 mile road trip, and they said the life of the tire. To top it all off, it was $15, no hassle. Just a great experience all around.

    thumb Lydia S.

      Jeff was extremely friendly and was able to locate the exact type of wheels I was needing fast. The rest of the staff was super nice as well. Jeff is a great guy and will definitely be back for my next set of tires.

    Highly recommended!!!

    thumb Steve I.

      NO other tire shops had the tire I needed at his price.  The guys were very helpful, very friendly and the price made it all the more appealing.  
    I know Jack... and I like him!

    thumb Shani S.

      Came to fix a flat tow times the same day because on the first time no one bothered to check if it had been patched up. Friendly service though.

    thumb Oscar C.

      Fast service.  Diagnosed the problem.  Fixed it.  For a fair price.  Look out, Big Tire: service lives!

    thumb P K.

      Jack's has a great selection of used tires, they are very professional and do a great job of balancing and rotating the tires.  I was able to get some great tires for an SUV at very affordable prices.  Jacks also specializes in performance tires, and they have a large selection of brands and sizes.

    thumb Stephen F.

      I had two cracks in my wheel, which would have cost over $800 to replace. Called them up and they told me they could refurbish it for under $200. Finished it up in one day and it looks brand new and is completely crack free. Removed all the blemishes as well. If you want a great service and it done right then definitely choose Jack's!! Great people!

    thumb Brandon M.

      Went in to buy 4 new tires. Jeff is a mutual friend, so over the phone he offered me a better price than what he originally told me. I come in person the next day to find out that he demands the original price, even after offering a discount.

    Also, they broke my tire pressure sensor. Toyota dealer says it costs about $230 to order a new one. Definitely not going back to this place.

    thumb Anna W.

      Woke up this morning with a flat tire and live pretty close to Jack's Tires and Wheels. After reading the reviews here on Yelp!, I went by to see if they could salvage my tire. The gentleman at the front was very helpful and honestly in about 15 minutes - he comes back with my tire patched and back on my vehicle. Painless, quick, friendly and affordable! They only charged me $15 (cash only) for what I thought was going to cost me way more. Totally recommend this place!

    thumb Mitchell D.

      I had to take the building owner's car in to get a new tire because he had a flat.  We pulled up and they came out and looked at it and asked if we wanted new or used.  He showed us the used tire and we agreed to it for $70.00.  That included installing it on the car.

    Unfortunately the credit card machine was down so we took my car back to the office to grab a check.  When we came back they were almost done putting it on and were working on placing the spare back under the truck.  Which is no easy feat since it's a new truck and it was complicated.

    They were done in the time that they told us that they would be and we stood and chatted with the owner for a few.  Super nice guy and he definitely went the extra mile to make sure the tire exactly matched and everything was put back under the truck and seats where it belonged.

    I will definitely be back here for anything tire related!

    thumb Carmela S.