Thanks for the Great Reviews!

      I got four used tires from them due to a limited budget at that time. The owner there is really nice and did offer me a discount after knowing I was a student. And they do have a organized and large stock of used tires. They told me there will be a 1-month warranty. However, one of the tires broke (yeah, broke) after about 10 days. I brought my car there, first they tried to charge me for the balancing and patching (they found a nail) until they realize the tire broke. They agreed to replace that tire for free for me, but with a different size..... then I got two different sizes for my front tires.....
    besides, they broke my TMPS sensor and the good thing is they paid the half price $30 for replacing that (they should pay the full, right?)
    So, the owner is nice, but you really  have to think about whether you really want those used tires before you go.

    thumb Kevin Z.

      Went in to get tires( came recommend)mounted had such a hard time cause cash only bs.the guy left my car on the Jack's to go eat and forgot 20 minutes later he comes back asked him to put air in the tires.rude as hell . I left after he said he was fine  and hear rattling noise. thinking I got a defective tire I got home took the  enter cap off and 3 lug nuts were rolling around I checked all the tires and he had never even put air in my tires ..crappy service ..the old man is cool as hell but he needs different staff.. their lazy and I wont recommend this place  ever ..

    thumb Art V.

      I had a flat and stopped in during lunch time with no appointment. I left an hour later with a used tire replacement for about $40. I also had them send off a rim to be fixed which I thought was completely unable to be salvaged. They ended up fixing it up like new for about $150. Well worth it! Note: It was cash only.

    thumb Brittany R.

      I paid 30 for a tire, but when I got home found it was bare and a different size. No refund. No partial refund. The boss said Only if you blow your tire out within 30 days then you'll get a replacement.  
    Across the street I paid less for a great tire.
    Don't go to Jack A's tires.

    thumb Ben D.

      Ernest saved us!!! Great guy !!!!! Called all around town, and no one even offered to help. We had a cracked rim causing a flat tire. We had to be back in Houston, and he got us all fixed up and back on the road and safe!! So grateful for people like him in the world!!! God bless him and his business ! Highly recommend!

    thumb Jackie H.

      This is the best shop in town for new and used tires. Jeff, Ernest, and staff are extremely knowledgable and provide great customer service to the East Austin community!

    thumb Matt M.

      These guys are this most kindhearted Mechanics I've ever met. They mounted and balanced my tires for super cheap. My alternator was going bad. Ernest called another shop and made me an appointment for a great deal. $50 cheaper than the other 30 places I called. Jack's guys really want to help you. They aren't there to try and up sell you. For quality service choose Jack's!

    thumb Randiesel K.

      These guys are awesome!  I bought a used tire, (practically new) for my honda civic and also had one tire patched for a super cheap price!  I was there no longer than 20 minutes and saved a lot of money.  All the other places quoted me at least 30% -60% higher than what I paid.  I definitely recommend this place if you want low price and fast service.

    They only accept cash so I had to go next door to the gas station to use the ATM, but because of the low price tire and fast service, I didn't mind at all.  5 stars all the way!

    thumb Marvin L.

      I went in to buy 4 used tires. They put 4 on, and two that they put on were worse than the tires they took off of my car. They promised to replace the bad tires when they got more in, but only ended up replacing one in the end.

    They cross threaded one of my studs, which had to be broken to get it off. They acted like it wasn't their problem, and it was a complete head ache to get them to fix it.

    All told, I spent 3 or 4 trips getting issues caused by this tire installation fixed.

    Later I realized they had cross threaded another stud, but I'm not even going to spend the energy arguing with them again.

    Avoid this place, for real.

    thumb Chris O.

      I remember this place, I don't know if it's the same guy who ran and owned it a decade ago.  He's real helpful when he wants to get your money or sell you something.  Let something go wrong that requires him to take responsibility and liable for damage, he'll turn into a liar and shitty person.  This shop stripped the stud lugs on my Jaguar back in the day from torquing them too tight with air gun.  I found out when trying to rotate and balance at Discount Tires, so I went back to A'Jacks aka Jacks or whatever they call themselves.  One of the ignorant workers grinds the lugs off the stud to get the rim off and calls the owner over the phone.  Soon as he gets there and sees what happened he comes with the bs you didn't buy the rims from me so I'm not liable and I don't work on Jaguars.  It's a decade later and I haven't forgot and people need to know that if you're not Mexican, you'll get no love from this shop.

    thumb Darwin H.

      Was able to see me immediately and Google listed them as closed but Yelp lists them as open.

    Firestone was booked up and turned me away and another Firestone location wanted me to wait 3 hours and told me that I would have to replace it vs patch it.  It is cash only but an ATM is next door and no public restrooms.

    One downside is that on these reviews, they all stated a patch was $15 and they charged me $20. I called asking for a reason for the upcharge but didn't hear back.  I won't pursue the inquiry and let them keep the $5 since they saved me time by getting my tire fixed right away and because of the holidays approaching

    I docked 1 star and will reconsider giving them my business next time due to the questionable upcharge.

    thumb Tina L.

      Great service from some really nice guys. Had a damaged rim and tire. They saved me $400 having it repaired versus new.

    thumb Garth D.